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Essential Silver™

Powerful flu fighter + immune support. For less than 50 cents a day! Nature's fast-acting antibiotic without side effects.


The Canadian leader of silver supplements and with the fastest microbial kill rate. Essential Silver™ instantly killed 99% of eight commonly found bacterial and yeast pathogens upon contact in independent laboratory testing.  Hence, it is the most effective and powerful brand of silver supplements in Canada. Essential Silver™ is the recipient of the most number of licenses issued by Health Canada for silver supplements.


Essential Silver™ is a vitally potent, safe, medicinal, bioactive ionic silver with multiple uses.  Consciously infused with an intention for your health and healing.

Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver
The fastest germ killer.
Powerful flu fighter + 
immune support
For less than 50 cents a day!

For every product of  Essential Silver™ that you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes to helping feed school children in Canada. So every time you purchase Essential Silver™, in addition to choosing a healthy, natural supplement that benefits you, you will also be helping children in need. Thank you for helping us give back.

Canadian made      #1 Silver Supplement in Canada 

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