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“For years I have used and recommended to my patients Jardine Naturals for their Ionic Essential Silver products.  I have seen and experienced good results with the suggested dosage of 1 tsp for prevention during the colds and flu season. A higher dosage shortens symptoms dramatically. I also like the variety of products offered by Jardine Naturals that contain the ionic silver. I regularly use the natural antibiotic gels for cuts and wounds and other skin ailments with great success. I am never without the Clear + Clean™ room sprays that offer amazing protection throughout my home and they smell fantastic.  It is a privilege to support this ethical Canadian company with high quality products and be able to experience their healing benefits.”

Dr Joan Weir ND (ret)







Essential Silver™


32 ppm Healed My Cat’s Diarrhea

One of my cats had been having diarrhea more than a year, and even though I took her to the vet a few times it didn’t help. Then I decided to try Essential Silver 32 ppm, and only a week later my cat's diarrhea had gone away. It was a MIRACLE! The Essential Silver 32 ppm had worked like MAGIC! I now trust Essential Silver and have been giving it to my family, and both of my cats. The Essential Silver had helped my cat and saved me money because I didn't need to go visit a vet anymore.  I recommend Essential Silver 100%! 


A big thank you to Jardine Naturals! 

My family and I will keep taking your products. 

S.Y., Surrey, BC

My Family Doesn’t Get Sick Anymore

“My family depends on Essential Silver™ to keep us healthy through the cold and flu months.  Since we have started taking it, we are not getting sick anymore. It is our go to product in our cupboard.”

C.O., Langley, BC


Cough Cleared Up in Days!

“The first time I took colloidal silver I had a very bad cold for 2 months and it cleared up my cough in a matter of days!”

M. M., Squamish, BC 


Haven’t had a Cold in 3,4,5 years

“I haven’t really had a cold in 3, 4, 5 years since I started taking ionic silver.”

B. Temple, AZ 


Overnight Results for Sore Throat

“My throat is my weak spot. When I suffer from a cold, it starts with a horrible sore throat.  Every year I have tried different ways of easing the pain, without any success.  So I was amazed when I used Essential Silver spray on the beginnings of a sore throat and woke up the next morning feeling almost completely better. Now, I depend on Essential Silver spray because it regularly produces the same amazing results for my throat.” 

D. L., Surrey, B.C.  


Improved Brain Function 

“Your product improved the brain function of a friend of mine, a senior. It also helped my 18-year-old cat, who was not doing well at all.”

A.K., Port Coquitlam, BC


Got Well from Respiratory Virus

“There is some respiratory virus going around here, antibiotics don’t help, and I tell people to take 1 tsp of Essential Silver every hour, and they get well!”



She Could Breathe for the First Time

“A woman with chronic post nasal drip, had never heard of silver, used the Nasal Spray, and was thrilled; she said it was the first time she could breathe properly through her nose.”

Cynthia, RHN, Chilliwack, BC


Got Better from Food Poisoning the Same Day!

“I got food poisoning and took a couple of teaspoons every half hour and I got much better the same day!  I couldn’t believe it!”

L.S,. Surrey, BC


It was like a Magician Stood There and Said Disappear!

“I have tried everything for the past 10 years for my rosacea. After I used your spray, the effect was immediate—my itch disappeared within 30 seconds! It was like a magician stood there and said “Disappear”!

H. Rogers, BC


Itching Stopped Within a Day

“My husband has for the past few years very itchy skin. He tried any cream that he could find but nothing helped. I gave him a spray and within a day, the itching stopped.”

M. Tate, Nova Scotia


My Viral Count Dropped

“I have Hepatitis C and 4 months ago, my viral count was 27 million. I took about 2 to 3 oz. a day and now, my viral count has dropped to 18 million. I am really happy about that.”

J.R., New York 


PSA Count Kept Under Control

“I have prostate cancer and your colloidal silver has kept my PSA count under control.”

E.R., Oregon.





Essential Silver™ Wonder Gels


Healed my Athlete's Foot

“I tried the new Essential Silver™ Natural Wonder Gel with Tea Tree and it healed my athlete's foot faster than the regular Essential Silver™ Wonder Gel.  I will use it again.”



Healed Chronic Skin Rash with First Use

“A man with chronic rash on his skin tried the Gel for the first time, it healed it.”

Cynthia, RHN, Chilliwack, BC


Closed Chronic Ulcers on Leg

“A woman came in with ulcers on her lower leg, she had them for years, and they never closed. She was not diabetic. I gave her some samples and after only 4 days, she came back and said they were closing!”

Cynthia, RHN, Chilliwack, BC


Helped Chronic Skin Problem on Hands

“My husband has a chronic skin condition where he has severe dry, cracked and bleeding skin on his hands. He tried every known pharmaceutical prescription available. After using Essential Silver™ Natural Wonder Gel, his skin is finally starting to heal – it is AMAZING!”

J.S., BC


Eyelid Swelling Gone in One Month

 “I had a raised thing on my eyelid; it was getting bigger and spreading. Instead of having it removed, I used Essential Silver™ Gel twice a day and it was totally gone in one month!” 



Healed Scraped Knee Faster Than Any Other Treatment

“I have been using your silver products for the past year and a half. I took a fall while running and scraped a knee bloody. Used the gel and the wound scabbed over and healed faster than any other treatment I have used over decades of wounds from sports activities.”

Jerry R., Austin, TX 


Campbell the Shelter Cat

“I donated Essential Silver™ Antibiotic Gel to a local cat shelter and there was a cat called Campbell who had chemical burns and multiple infections on his skin and he was losing fur.  They applied the Wonder Gel to his skin and it began to heal and his fur grew back, giving him a second chance at life.”

S.Y., Surrey, BC.


Truly a Wonder 

“I’ve had two red, dry and sometimes quite raw patches of skin on my face since last fall that I think were caused by using a product.  My skin is very sensitive and even though I stopped using it, I’ve not been able to heal it.  Well...your Silver Wonder Gel did the healing!  Both skin patches are just slightly red today and no dryness at all.  After ONE overnight application!  You’ve named this treatment’s a wonder!”  M.B., Surrey, BC





“I use Clear+Clean™ to refresh and cleanse everything from my kitchen counters to my dog’s bed, shoes, jackets, couches and carpets.  I love the way it disinfects and leaves a refreshing fragrance.  I never had a problem with it leaving a stain.  I’ve recommended it to my family and friends, who are now using it regularly too!” L, Surrey, BC


“I have a very small bathroom and my little window is prone to mold buildup so much that I re-paint the frame every few years.  Since I have been using Clear+Clean™ Mold & Mildew Remover, the mold cleans up easier and it’s much nicer than using chemicals and bleach.” L, Lethbridge, AB




Don't Bite Me!

Recently I experienced an unexpected allergic reaction while pruning bamboo plants in the yard.  My arms developed a rash with hives and became increasingly, intensely itchy and painful.  Nothing was helping, even after washing the area with soap and water and applying a .1% prescription cortisone cream.  Then I remembered the Jardine Natural silver products in my cupboard so I rinsed my arms with the liquid (to make sure no infection developed from where the skin broke) and sprayed with Don't Bite Me.  Ah, what relief!  Finally, the intensity subsided.  For good measure when the spray dried, I applied the silver gel.  So glad to get on with my day, using natural products! 

Lisa B., Vancouver, BC



“The ‘Don’t Bite Me!’ spray is incredibly effective! This bug spray is more powerful than just essential oils and smells great!  I really enjoy that it’s pocket size and is ideal for hiking and camping. I will definitely recommend it to friends!” 
Julie S., Vancouver, BC. 


“I was at a summer BBQ and there were lots of bugs around. I used ‘Don’t Bite Me!’ and didn’t get bit at all, but everyone else did. I wish I had shared my spray with them!” 
Marissa, Montreal, QC. 


“I use ‘Don’t Bite Me!’ to protect me when I garden at dusk. It’s quite something to see the bugs fly towards me and then fly away when they smell the scent of the spray on me”.  
L.S., Surrey, BC. 


“When I go camping, I am usually mosquito food. Last year I got 66 bites in three days. This year, I sprayed myself with it every chance I got and I was bitten only three times! That is definitely a record.”
Chris, Surrey, BC.

“I was bitten when I was working in my garden. I sprayed Don’t Bite Me on the bites on my shoulders and neck...immediate relief, thank you!" 

M.B., Surrey, BC



Baby Divine™


"I love your baby powder, I put it in any shoes I wear, my sandals and runners.  The powder keeps my feet calm and silky." 

N.D., Castlegar, BC.

"I really love how natural these Baby Divine™ products are. There are so many products out there that claim to be natural and chemical free but when you look at the ingredients you find toxins that shouldn't be there. With the Baby Divine™ line I am confident that I'm using safe products for my kids. They work, they smell great, they're environmentally friendly and they are locally made... everything I look for in a product!


Before I started using the diaper cream my son got a mild diaper rash. I would apply this diaper rash gel daily and over time it totally disappeared. I used this gel on his chin and neck when he got a rash from drooling so much. Also the Baby Powder, so soft and easy to apply... especially on a squirmy baby!


I use  the Chest Rub whenever my kids have chest colds. It has a lovely, soothing smell that helps open up stuffy noses which makes for a better sleep... for them and for me!


Finally the First Aid Spray. I use this spray on all my kids' cuts and scratches and it is wonderful. The kids never feel any stinging or pain and they always seem to feel comforted when I put it on their wounds. I also find it cleans the wounds and helps them heal faster." 

Lindsay D., Victoria, BC



Diva Divine™


“I just love Diva Divine™ dry shampoo, I use it a couple of times a week so that I don’t have to wash my hair so often.  Because my hair is quite thick, I apply it a few times and just brush it out.  So I don’t make a mess in my bathroom, I stand over my bathtub to brush. “ 
L.S., Surrey, BC


"The Diva Divine™ dry shampoo is pure magic! It performs some of the best tricks I’ve seen. Especially when on our motorcycle road trips and you need to quickly freshen up and like to avoid the “helmet hair look”, it’s a truly magic blessing! " 
G.S., Vancouver, BC


"Diva Divine dry shampoo is amazing! It is an absolute essential when I'm camping or travelling. Just a little bit in the morning helps freshen up hair that feels a little life-less. Since using Diva Divine I only need to wash and style my hair once/week, saving me so much time in the mornings. I also love knowing it contains no talc and is made safely and locally."

Lisa B., Vancouver, BC






“I used one bottle of this Hair Tonic and my hair is already beginning to grow back!” 
Mary Davidson, Squamish, BC


“I have been using this Hair Tonic for a couple of months. My existing hair is growing faster and getting fuller. After I got my haircut, I notice that my scalp is not showing as much as before!” 
P. Stang, Olds, AB


“It is easy to use, my hair loss was minimized and started to look fuller. I recommended it to my dad, and it also helped him. Everyone should try it and see for themselves that it works!” 
A happy customer, BC




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