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 New!  Essential Silver 50

Proven! The Fastest Germ Killer

Ultra Strength
Our strongest
at 50ppm!

Canadian made      #1 Silver Supplement in Canada 



A topical line of herbal extracts combined with Essential Silver™ 

for increased effectiveness. 



Essential Silver™


 Powerful flu fighter + immune support. For less than 50 cents a day. The Canadian leader of

Premium Ionic Silver.  

For every bottle and jar of Essential Silver™ sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to helping feed school children breakfast in Canada. Every time you purchase Essential Silver™, in addition to choosing a healthy, natural supplement, you will also be helping children in need. Thank you for helping us give back.

Healthy living, naturally


Combines pleasant fragrances with the safe disinfecting strength of Ionic Silver that is effective

and biodegradable. 

Baby Divine™ 


A truly divine, talc-free, and all natural baby powder made with hand-picked natural ingredients.

Diva Divine™ Dry Shampoo


Made from all natural ingredients including essential oils, it cleans your hair without a drop of water.

Don't Bite Me! Spray


Beat the bugs with our 2-in-1outdoor spray that repels pesky insects and also relieves the itch of existing bites using Ionic Silver.

Sunburn Spray 


A proprietary blend of essential oils and Ionic Silver that soothes, cools and repairs that skin after over exposure to the sun.

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